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The Best of Patti Austin

By on Tuesday, June 28th, 1994 in Music

The Best of Patti Austin

The Best of Patti Austin

Label: Sony
Original Release Date: June 28, 1994

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  1. Take A Closer Look
  2. Say You Love Me
  3. You Don’t Have To Say You’re Sorry
  4. More Today Than Yesterday
  5. What’s At The End Of The Rainbow
  6. Sweet Sadie The Survivor
  7. That’s Enough For Me
  8. I Just Want To Know
  9. Havana Candy
  10. I Need Somebody Patti Austin
  11. Lost In The Stars
  12. Another Nail For My Heart
  13. We’ve Got Tonight
  14. (Ooh-Wee) He’s Killing Me
  15. Love Me Again
  16. Soar Me Like An Eagle Flies

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