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Patti Austin To Perform at the Launching of MUSE/IQUE’S 2013 “Summer of Sound” – Pasadena, CA

By on Monday, June 24th, 2013 in News

Lost in Stars with Patti Austin in PasadenaMUSE/IQUE launches “Summer of Sound” 2013 with “Lost in the Stars with Patti Austin.” on Saturday, June 29, at Caltech’s Beckman Mall in Pasadena. The event will feature Patti, MUSE/IQUE Artistic Director Rachael Worby and MUSE/IQUE Orchestra.

“’Summer of Sound’ performances are 90 minutes of pure out-of the-box adventures in sound,” says Worby, who founded MUSE/IQUE in 2011. “Linking master artists like Patti Austin with unexpected musical pairings represents what MUSE/IQUE is all about.”

MUSE/IQUE, known for its inspired, unexpected live music events, connects master artists with new voices across a limitless range of styles. Its counter-conventional performances, which feel more like parties than formal concerts, link musicians with great thinkers and compelling visual, cinematic and dance artists. Read more.

Event Info:
MUSE/IQUE presents Summer of Sound
Saturday – June 29, 2013 – 7:30 PM
Caltech’s Beckman Mall
332 S. Michigan Ave. Pasadena, CA
Tickets available at www.muse-ique.com

Lynette Grant
Lynette Grant

Can't wait for her to be in Las Vegas in 2014, I hope I get the chance. Patti is my favorite!!

Adriana Sifuentes-Santillan
Adriana Sifuentes-Santillan

I have waited for the opportunity to see her again, I missed her last Saturday at the Hollywood Bowl and I thought that was a chance I missed. Now to learn that she's coming to the city I live in. I won't miss this one. I WILL BE THERE!!!!