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Patti Austin to Perform at Hiroshima World Peace Concert – Japan

By on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 in News

Grammy-award winning Patti Austin continues to contribute for the world through her music. Patti, the legendary Quincy Jones, Grammy winner James Ingram and many more are set to perform this weekend at the Hiroshima Green Arena where they will help people gain a global perspective towards peace.

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About Hiroshima World Peace Concert

The goal of the Hiroshima World Peace Concert is to “send its message of peace to the world through the universal language of music” (source: This concert is meant to encourage people to find a way of living that is based on peace, sustainability, and connection with others to allow world peace to become possible.

Event info:                                                                                 
Hiroshima World Peace Concert
Saturday – Aug 3, 2013
Hiroshima Green Arena
Hiroshima, Japan

For tickets, call 082-249-8334. More details at


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Patricia Yeaman
Patricia Yeaman

Sounds like a great cause being celebrated - enjoy :)