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Patti Austin Shared Her Memories of Michael Jackson on Larry King – Tuesday (July 7th)

By on Thursday, July 9th, 2009 in News

Patti Austin who worked with Michael Jackson on several albums, including “Off the Wall,” joined Larry King and two other Michael Jackson’s longtime friends to reminisce about their friendship with Michael, Tuesday – July 7th.

Patti Austin also shared her memories of Michael Jackson to all, during her call with CNN, afternoon of June 26th.

“I’m very, very sad about Michael. I wish I could say that it was unexpected. For those of us that knew him for anytime in his adult life, there was always a suspicion that there would never be an old Michael Jackson. But, it’s still shocking…It’s a shocking departure…

He didn’t work out, he just worked and like a demon. He did everything to the extreme. We would get ready to go on stage to perform and he would stand in the wings, kinda like the Warner’s Brother’s frog, and then the lights would go up and he would become this demon on stage. And then he would finish and curl right back up into a ball again. Everything was done to the extreme…

I’m hearing so many people talk about Michael at this point, obviously, and his music. I was very, very, very lucky to be there during what I would call the golden years of his career…

In a sad but realistic way it’s understandable that his light would go out in what we might see as premature.” — Patti

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iloved his music alot and i still think that his songs at the best in the world to day