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Patti Austin on The Tavis Smiley Show

By on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 in Blog

Just as I thought I had been interviewed about everything that had happened to me since I got into show business at age four, I get a call from Tom Estey, my publicist. He says that Tavis Smiley wants to interview me on his radio show. Now I have been interviewed by Tavis before and all of us women know that Tavis is handsome, he is personable, he is spiritual, and of course he is intelligent. As if there could be anything more important than all that, I still searched for more Tavis superlatives that I had not discovered. I gave up and then Tavis called and he began the interview. I realized that Tavis Smiley asks the best questions in the world. What artist or more importantly what woman does not just love being asked amazingly interesting questions about herself that no one has ever asked her.

Tavis asked me primarily about my new “Sound Advice” CD, how I handled the challenges of reinventing myself, how I chose the material for the CD. It’s not that other interviewers had not asked similar questions. It’s all about how Tavis asks the questions. I actually learned more stuff about myself. Thanks Tavis!

Check out the interview with Tavis and me and let me know if you feel what I mean! – Patti