Grammy Winner Patti Austin and Award Winning Designer Dawn Carroll Launch the Over My Shoulder (Mentor) Foundation | Patti Austin Official Website

Grammy Winner Patti Austin and Award Winning Designer Dawn Carroll Launch the Over My Shoulder (Mentor) Foundation

By on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 in News

The Over My Shoulder Foundation, founded by Grammy Winner Patti Austin and CEO Dawn Carroll, is a non-profit mentoring organization established on the principle that the arts, entertainment and media can positively impact millions of disenfranchised individuals. With over 14% of the US population living in poverty, it is a well-established fact that mentoring increases school attendance and graduation, reduces the use of illegal drugs and significantly decreases violence.

The inception of the Over My Shoulder Foundation resulted from the collaboration of Dawn Carroll, Charlie Farren, Brynn Arens and Barry Orms on a song of the same name. The work of the Foundation has since become the inspiration for two documentary films and a children’s book series highlighting the rewards of being a mentee and mentor.

“Having been both a mentor and a mentee throughout my career, I want to spread the word about the importance of mentoring through the Foundation’s projects and the release of my latest CD titled, “Sound Advice,” says Patti Austin. Performing with Ms. Austin on the Over My Shoulder song, Lianna Gutierrez states that, “Having Patti Austin as my mentor has helped me not only with my singing, but as a person. I wish [others] had someone older who has been there to tell them that they need to wake up and smell the coffee.”

“Mentorology”, the art and science of mentoring, is the operating credo of the Over My Shoulder Foundation. By leveraging the media, the Foundation will help individuals and industries strengthen their communities through the production of music, film, events, and other creative projects.

“There is nothing more dangerous than a hopeless person – mentoring re-connects the disconnected,” declares Founder and CEO Dawn Carroll. “Through its efforts the Over My Shoulder Foundation hopes to rediscover the respect, diversity, culture and individuality we all share as members of society.”

To learn more about the Foundation and upcoming events, visit at


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