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Managing Your Singing Career

By on Thursday, October 29th, 2009 in Blog

Your singing career is one of the toughest things to manage these days. It used to be pretty straightforward and easy. Easy? You know … write up a few lyrics, get a band together, go to a studio to record it, find a label to represent and promote you, hire an agent to find you gigs, market and distribute your music, encourage the radio stations to play your tunes and BAM! You’re an instant success … lots of sales. Hmm … not so fast, Tonto! It really wasn’t that easy after all.

These days in the world of the Internet, it almost seems downright right brain dead easy … turn on your computer, flip on a mic, record and upload it to YouTube. Whamo! Friends, fans, followers … and all of those great new social networks are at your beck and call. But, hold on! There are some 300 million websites on the World Wide Web. And, even more web pages on each of these websites. It’s basically the World Wide Noisy Web … too many tunes to choose from and too many things “screaming” for your attention.

Managing a singing career is even more difficult these days. The music labels are all but gone and those that ARE still around are trying to figure out themselves how to stay relevant and in business. The game shift is something akin to shopping at Home Depot. Yes, the DIY, Do It Yourself mentality. The few musicians who have figured out how to use the Internet to their advantage are not only eking out a living, but thriving.

But, first things first. If you are an aspiring professional singer, you need to learn professional techniques on how to sing. There are plenty of lessons that we can all learn and expand from. But, getting some tried and true secrets is a great first step.

The follow up lessons that one needs to learn really have to do with managing your singing career. They include how to run the “business” of singing. Unfortunately, the phrase “struggling artist” is all too true for probably 90% of aspiring musicians. Why? Because most of us just love music and singing. Business is a dirty word. However, it is all the more important now than it ever was. Competition for “limited” ears is at an all time high.

Those of you who want a long time singing career … listen up! Take control of your own artistic and financial destiny. Learn the business of a singing career, including how to utilize the tools of Internet marketing and social networks. You’ll be happy you did.


You are so right! My daughter is an upcoming artist. I am researching on how to manage her career. THIS IS A BUSINESS! She is an excellent vocalist. She is a true singer! Can you suggest other resources?

Jeff Winbush
Jeff Winbush

This is an excellent and smart article Ms. Austin. Would you be interested in reprinting for I'm sure my editor would be interested. Please drop me a line and I'm be glad to see what we can do.