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Lino and Pino Nicolosi Praise Patti Austin’s Versatility as an Artist

By on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 in Blog

As Patti has been getting ready to release her new single, Lino and Pino Nicolosi, the two brothers whom she had collaborated with to make her new single “Practice What You Preaching”, had several kind comments to say about her.

Lino Nicolosi of Nicolosi ProductionsLino Nicolosi comments on Patti’s vocal talent saying, “I think that Patti Austin is the best vocalist we [have] ever worked with. She is one [of] the greatest in the music industry today. She can sing soul, funk, pop, and classic music with extreme professionalism.”
His brother, Pino Nicolosi, comments on Patti’s versatility in the music industry saying, “When we were in studio with Patti, we have seen that Patti is not only a great singer but she is also a musician and a producer. She knows how to harmonize very well and have very great taste and interest in music productions and arrangements.”

Nicolosi Productions is an Italian label formed by a family of musicians named the Nicolosi Family which is also known as the Italian band called Novecento. They decided to primarily focus on discographic productions and thus, Nicolosi Productions was created. Nicolosi Productions has evolved tremendously, topping the charts not only in Europe but also in USA.

Pino Nicolosi of  Nicolosi Productions

The Nicolosi Family has begun to produce music with artists who are internationally distinguished to courageously explore and experiment with new ideas. During the past years, they have produced music with artists such as: Billy Preston, Billy Cobham, Stanley Jordon, Sting, Chaka Khan, Eumir Deodato, Al Jarreau, and many others. This year, they decided to ask Patti if she would like to participate in a new single project and a future album. After sending Patti the song and having her listen to it, she agreed to be part of the project.

Nicolosi Productions says they are honored to have been able to produce a record with Patti Austin for they consider her to be one of the most prominent singers of the world music scene.

Click here for a preview of Patti Austin’s new single “Practice What You Preaching” produced by the Nicolosi Team.

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