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Life’s Joy and Celebration – A Collaboration By Patti Austin and Jamie Mitges

By on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 in Music

“Celebration is essential to a happy life and thanks to highly acclaimed, Canadian composer and recording artist Jamie Mitges, there’s something wonderful to celebrate with the release of his new, upbeat, positive tune Life’s Joy and Celebration featuring Grammy Award-winner, vocalist Patti Austin!” says “The ‘dream tracker’ theme embraces Jamie’s positive outlook on life, which translates eloquently to his melodic, world-class compositions.”

Life’s Joy and Celebration‘s lyrics is written by Patti Austin. It’s a reflection of how she feels about life and her career.

Life's Joy and Celebration by patti austin and jamie mitgesLife’s Joy and Celebration

Lyrics by: Patti Austin
Music by: Jamie Mitges

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About Jamie Mitges:
One of Canada’s great independent jazz players, Jamie has carved out a respected place in jazz through his three CDs and collaborations with the likes of Ed Bickert, Don Thompson, Peter Appleyard, Joe LaBarbera and Brent Bodrug.

As a boy in Guelph, Ontario in the 1960s, Jamie would sit on his grandmother’s knee, mesmerized as her concert pianist’s fingers flew over the keys. At age six, Jamie was playing the piano and steeped in his parents’ classical, blues and jazz albums. Some of his childhood heroes were Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller and Count Basie.

Jamie’s love affair with the saxophone began in his early teens. On a car trip during the summer of 1975, Jamie heard Sanborn on the radio playing James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You).” Jamie decided he wanted to play like that. At 17, Jamie became a student of Juno-award winning Pat LaBarbera, one of the ?nest saxophone players in the world. (Pat was lead tenor saxophone soloist in Buddy Rich’s band for many years.)

As Jamie’s proficiency grew, his style became increasingly resonant of the old masters like Zoot Sims, Stan Getz and Ben Webster.

Quotes from Jazz Legends about Jamie:

“Most players today have put the beautiful tone of the instrument in second place, but Jamie has done the opposite. His tone on the horn is exquisite, the best I’ve heard in a long time. It was a great pleasure being on this recording with Ed, Don, Joe and Jamie.” – Peter Appleyard

“This session was a real pleasure. James has that sound and feel of the tenor sax greats of the 40s.” – Ed Bickert

“It was a pleasure recording with James; I enjoyed his playing and the songs he picked. It’s nice to hear a young guy pick a style that’s not necessarily the current rage. As for Don, Ed and Peter, they’re the best.” – Joe Labarbera

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