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Patti Austin’s Blue Movement — Sign Up Below to Find Out More

Join Patti Austin to End Domestic Violence Against Women, Children, and Men.

“Don’t be a victim, learn to defend yourself”.

Blue Movement

“I am quite familiar with domestic violence as I have been victimized by it. I am a man, and lived and tolerated an abusive relationship for some 8 years.” — John

“Thank you for your deep insight into this very important issue that affects the lives of so many people across the world. I appreciate the updates and information.” — Tunji

“I would like to congratulate you for being the spoke person for this fight against domestic violence, I know this is not easy for you and for the rest of the team to gather information and to give relevant advice for those who are in peril with this problem called, domestic violence.” — Chris

“I feel your passion through this email. Being in the line of work I’m in I’m privy to all the forms of domestic violence. Not only that my sister, God rest her soul, was in a horrible marriage where her NFL husband deprived her and her children money, periodically locked her and her children out of their home, and tried to isolate her from loving friends. It was truly sad that he was playing professional football while she applied for government assistance.” — Nissi

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